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The July, 9 of 2006, day in which Zinedine Zidane head butted Marco Materazzi in the prologue of the Italian fourth victory in the history of the World Cup, all the squads began to think about a thing, South Africa 2010… Or almost all… because a single month later began the qualifying stage of what for decades it has been considered as a World Cup without the presence of Argentina and Brazil: the European Football Championship. 50 national teams started this new dream and finally, 14 will be following the two host countries.

From the 7 of June, Switzerland and Austria will receive that at the present time are the best of the European football. So, these neighboring countries with few success teams in the last times – the FIFA world ranking don’t let me lie- will be the hosts of the 13th Euro, the second organize between two nations, after 2000 experience.

The idea of this blog is to invite you to see from another point of view, all the related to this championship that is approached and that will paralyze the football world by 23 days…

Welcome and thanks to continue alive this passion.

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