Ebi Smolarek: The Polish Joy

Euzebiusz Smolarek was born in the Polish winter of 1981 in Lodz. His father, Wlodzimierz Smolarek, called him Euzebiusz in honor of Eusebio da Silva. I don’t know if he will be like the Mozambican footballer but I am sure that the Polish want it.

In spite of to have undergone a sanction by doping, with Feyenoord Smolarek won the UEFA CUP which attracts it the Bundesliga. And with Borussia Dortmund he made 25 goals in two seasons and a half.

But the most important moment in his career was his campaign in the EURO 2008 Qualifying. Smolarek made the 37th hattrick in the Polish history and the Red Cross won The Group followed by Portugal. Nine of 28 polish goals were made by Ebi.

In his last Qualy match, Poland drawn 2-2 in Serbia, which gives the passport to the EURO at first time in the history. Smolarek was one of the top scorers only behind David Healy and, until today, he made 13 goals in only 28 matches with the national team (0.46 per game!).

Today his great moment reflects in Spain: last Sunday "The Hash Bomber" scored in La Liga against Recreativo allowing Racing de Santander to dream with the 2008-2009 Champions League.

Let’s see if the best polish player in the 21st century can make history in the EURO too.

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