The “Mannschaft” laughs

The man in the photo seems to be a joyful person. Maybe because it feels that if there is an important tournament, Germany always will be there. Why? Germany played all the World Cups since 1954 and participated in the last nine European Champions. Also, it was the tournament champion in 1972, 1980 and 1996, being the most winner of the history.

But all the records have to be endorsed with a strong squad. And Germany has it, with all the players being part of German or English clubs – except Timo Hildebrand, who outstands in Spanish Valencia CF-.

Last friendly matches vs. the host countries demonstrated that the tautens are very healthy in the Road to EURO 2008. On June, will be favorites in the Group B. Since 1986, they played eleven games against Poland, Croatia or Austria and lost only once.

So, the powerful of Michael Ballack, the eccentric pichichi Mario Gómez, the carpenter Klose and the unhappy Lukas Podolski will be vital since quarterfinals.

The owners of the Oktoberfest want to celebrate again.

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No, gracia a vo´ said...

It´s true! Germany has an excepcional skill in this type of tournaments! Although I don´t like their way of playing, I respect "The Mannschaft" a lot!