Del Piero, in. Raul, not.

The first impression: Panini said “yes” to Del Piero, and “no” to Raul. The traditional stickers’ album always has differences with the coaches. Let’s see if Roberto Donadoni and Luis Aragones obey the decision or if the football fans will undergo the consequences one more time.

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Anna Italia said...

There is no doubt that Juventus striker Alessandro Del Piero deserves to be among the called up players for the Italian National team.

Del Piero not only makes goals but also ASSISTS and motivate the entire team! So far, up to Week 34, Del Piero has scored 17 goals! Only 2 goals behind the top scorer Borriello from Genoa.

Del Piero even made a HAT TRICK today against Atalanta.

As far for RAUL. What else to say about RAUL? Of course, he is playing well and deserves to be among the called up players defending Spain. Que viva Raul!

Forza Italia!