Cristiano Ronaldo will be operated and is sad; Bastian Schweinsteiger laughs

Two faces summarize the night at EURO 2008. Cristiano Ronaldo was playing a satisfactory EURO 2008 and Portugal was shining.

Bastian Schweinsteiger was suspended and Germany qualified at quarterfinals without playing well football.

Nevertheless, on Thursday everything has changed. Germany beat 3-2 Portugal. Schweinsteiger scored the first goal, and assisted in the second one.

While Deco was alone in the midfield, Cristiano Ronaldo almost never was part of the game. He confirmed that will be operated in a foot.

Here we have pictures from BILD and ABOLA newspapers that summarize the transcendental match.


Sonia said...

Cristiano was NOT sad he was just looking at how he nad he got his shoes dirty

Sonia said...

I didn't proff read that what i meant was: Cristiano was NOT sad, he was just looking at how bad he got his shoes dirty!