Netherlands – Russia… or Holland vs Hiddink

The Netherlands take on Russia in the quarterfinals of Euro 2008. Russia is coached by Dutchman recordman Guus Hiddink.

This will be the seventh time that the Netherlands have faced a country coached by a Dutch trainer; and pay attention: The Netherlands have never lost in those encounters, compiling a 5-1-0 record.

According to Infostrada Sports, the only draw was in 2006 against Australia, who were then coached by Hiddink. In February 2007, Hiddink’s Russia lost 4-1 in a friendly against the Netherlands.

Netherlands against countries coached by Dutch trainers

Friendly 2 Jun 2007 South Korea (Pim Verbeek) – Netherlands 0-2
Friendly 7 Feb 2007 Netherlands - Russia 4-1 (Guus Hiddink)
Friendly 4 Jun 2006 Netherlands - Australia 1-1 (Guus Hiddink)
FIFA World Cup qualifier 3 Sep 2005 Armenia (Henk Wisman) - Netherlands 0-1
FIFA World Cup qualifier 5 Sep 2001 Netherlands (Arno Pijpers) - Estonia 5-0
FIFA World Cup qualifier 2 Jun 2001 Estonia (Arno Pijpers) - Netherlands 2-4


Monica 08 said...

I predict a Netherlands victory within 90 minutes, 2-1.

What's your final score for this game?

No, gracia a vo´ said...

Russia is going too broke up history with a 2 - 1 win over Netherlands!



rob@thesportsaffiliate.com said...

Russians are +365 on the money line. Those are incredible odds. Netherlands have been on a scoring tear. Netherlands -1 (+115) maybe even better odds.

Im thinking 3-1. Netherlands.

Ian said...

I'm going for 2-0 to Holland, with Van der Sar having to work for his saves, but ultimately keeping up the clean sheet. Let's say goals by Sneijder and Ruud.

mohit said...

The way netherlands is playing, I bet for Netherlands.

Mohit Kumar

mohit said...

Unfortunately Netherlands lose their match against Russia.

Mohit Kumar


Anonymous said...

What a pathetic showing by Holland...how much were they paid to lose? The most absurd result imaginable....who can pay attention to UEFA national games at this point? A bloody circus.

mark said...

wtf.just swallow the fact that the russians outplayed the dutch team.you're just upset that you've lost your money in a betting game somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Hurray, we did it,
you, snobs, who predicted Dutch win.
In GUUS we trust :)

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