Nani, Ferreira, Carvalho and Ronaldo want to be the EURO Kings

On May the 21st will be played the most important match in the world in club level . One of the countries that are going to be paralyzed this date is Portugal. It will be an historical jouney for Portuguese soccer. In Moscow will be playing Nani, Paulo Ferreira, Ricardo Carvalho and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ferreira and Carvalho, today in Chelsea, already were Champions League champions with Porto. Ronaldo and Nani (or Luis Carlos Almeida da Cunha) want to win it for the first time. Beyond which it happens in the UCL final, when only two of them will be able to elevate the Cup, both are shining in the English and in the European soccer.

By the way, they are part of the spinal column of the Portuguese National Team. Why? Because Cristiano Ronaldo is considered one of the two best players of the world, because Nani seems to be an excellent player for accompanying him or putting the team to his shoulder when Ronaldo decays, and because Carvalho and Paulo Ferreira show an amazing solidity that Portugal always needed to be candidate.

For that reason they also will want to play the last EURO 2008 match and win the Cup together. Never it was as possible as these days.


No, gracia a vo´ said...

I choose POrtugal as the favourite team to win the tournament!

Although they need a "killer" striker, they have a lot of importants names: Ronaldo, Deco, Nani, Quaresma...



Monica 08 said...

Being so close twice with Chelsea, hopefully Paolo Ferreira and Carvalho can win the Champions League again. What a dream, debut season for Nani if Man U win the final.

Anonymous said...

Winner takes all !
Marc Loriau