A good example

The Croatian Football Federation extended by two years the contract of Slaven Bilic which assures his role during South Africa 2010 qualifying. Good news for the Croatia coach that can work calm during the EURO 2008. His performance against England give some credits to him.

More information: AFP

Swiss wants EURO 2008

Additionally, it wasn’t common that the Olympics Games aren’t priority for Swiss people. Nowadays, according to CNN, they are waiting anxiously for the EURO 2008.

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encantado de cambiar links! porque escribis en ingles? estas en EEUU? tenes un blog solo dedicado a la Euro 2008?
me gustaria que me pases tu mail o me escribas a la direccion que figura en mi blog asi me contas mas...
me gustaria que me des una mano con la Euro 2008, si no tenes problemas...

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