Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Inter Milan key would like to enjoy the EURO 2008

Zlatan Ibrahimovic was not experiencing a good moment. His team, Inter, was questioned after being eliminated of the UEFA Champions League and his injury left out him of the fields by seven weeks. The team missed him too much and underwent the Championship until the point to have to wait the last Date to shout champion because AS Roma discounted five points.

But yesterday the Swedish star entered to the field for the first time from the March, 29th. He transformed his entrance into goals. The victory against Parma meant 16th Scudetto of the Milanese and third in consecutive form.

Now, already with the Scudetto in the pocket, Zlatan thinks about EURO 2008. He will need to be the leader of the Swedish National Team that has an extra motivation: the return of Henrik Larsson. Both have a similar effectiveness in Sweden: Zlatan made 18 goals in 49 matches whereas Henrik scored 36 times in 93 matches.

Unlike previous tournaments Ibrahimovic, already with 26 years, will be the one with highest responsibility that the team plays well and a good synchronization between him and Larsson will be vital if Sweden wants to be in the Semifinals, something that obtained only in EURO 1992 when Sweden was the host. Malmo Anadolu BI´s pride wants it.


Afshin said...

I have never been a Zlatan fan, but boy did he ever deliver yesterday!!

Anna Italia said...

I have been saying all along that Ibrahimovic is the one making the difference in Inter.

Imagine, had not been for Ibra maybe Inter would have lost the Scudetto,,,, bottom line, Inter won the Scudetto, period.