Klaas Jan Huntelaar: more goals for Netherlands

It is clear that Ruud van Nistelrooy will not have all the Holland responsibility in this EURO 2008. Although the Real Madrid player is living a great moment, he will be very well accompanied in the penalty area.

Klaas Jan Huntelaar is the main forward of Ajax. He made 37 goals in 39 matches during the season 2007-2008, 33 of them in the Dutch league. But the Huntinator goals are not limited to Ajax. He was part of the U-21 European Champion team in 2006, where he was the Top Scorer.

In addition that year he made the debut in the Team “A” where he scored 6 goals in 11 matches. Three of them were made in the last two matches. This player is not well only in the average of goals per game, he also has quality in the scoring opportunities. Just see these nine goals paying special attention to the second and the sixth ones.

For that reason today Real Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester United, AC Milan and Roma are asking for him. His performance in the EURO 2008 can be the explanation for the future of the centre forward. Now the doubt is if Jan Huntelaar will be part of the line-up - next to van Nistelrooy or van Persei or Dirk Kuyt - or if she must wait for the opportunity from the bench.

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