Simao Sabrosa: a Golden member

In spite of some injuries suffered along the season, midfielder Simao Sabrosa was one of the most valuables players of the Spanish team, Atletico de Madrid. Simao had a great performance in his return to the Spanish First Division (previously he played two years with Barcelona).

In connection with Agüero and Forlan, the Portuguese player was determinant for the team’s aspirations. Overall, he scored seven goals with his squad this year and made several assists.

He takes part of a Portuguese “golden generation” with players such as Deco, Quaresma or Cristiano Ronaldo. Simao is an offensive player, which plays near to the extremes of the field, with outstanding technique and with great skills in the free kicks. Not in vain, Atletico have paid 20 millions Euros to obtain his services.

During his great career, Simao obtained three titles: Portuguese Cup (2004), Portuguese League (2005) and the Portuguese Supercup (2005), all of them defending the colors of Benfica. Now, he has the great opportunity to make history with the national team of his country.

Written by Miguel Fernandez: No, gracia a vo´ owner.

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