Konstantin Zyrianov, Andrei Arshavin, Roman Pavlyuchenko and Vladimir Bystrov in another Russian demonstration

In Burghausen, during the last day of friendlies preceding the EURO 2008, Russia beat Lithuania 4-1.

Zyrianov (33rd), Arshavin (52nd), Pavlyuchenko (64th) and Bystrov (80th) scored in an interesting match played by Russia. Lithuanian Savenas (24th) had made the first goal of the match. Also, Russian Diniyar Bilyaletdinov shot a penalty on top the crossbar at 62 minutes. In spite of everything Lithuania deserved to go resting in advantage in the half-time.

Guus Hiddink’s team scored 12 goals in the last three friendly games signifying to be at a great moment before the debut on Tuesday against Spain in Innsbruck.

The lineups:
Malafeev, V Berezutski, Ignashevich, A Berezutski (Yanbaev 14), Kolodin (Shirokov 46), Torbinskiy, Semak (Semshov 46), Zyrianov (Bilyaletdinov 46), Adamov (Pavlyuchenko 46), Arshavin, Sychev (Bystrov 55).

Lithuania: Karcemarskas, Semberas (Labukas 47), Dedura, Skerla, Zvirgdzauskas, Savenas (Kalonas 61), Danilevicius, Mikoliunas (Sernas 77), Papeckys (Alunderis 83), Cesnauskis (Skroblas 69), Poskus (Beniusis 76).


Devo said...

es un gram equipo, lo veo complicado con la salida por susp de arshavin y por lesionm de pogrenbiak
igual es un gran equipo

cambiaste los enlaces o algo? por que veo que no me tienes, tu enlace sigue en mi blog

un saludo


Devo said...

tenes msn? si es asi agregame, me interesa charlar cn vos


te espero por alli

un saludo

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