Why England won’t be in EURO 2008?

The EURO is more and more close. While the national leagues are being finishing in each angle of Europe, the trainers continue filing details to give the lists of the players who will represent their selections from the on 7th June.

But without doubts there will be a great absent in the competition: England. The factors of the absence of the English team in the competition need to be analyzed.

Players: Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard, Wayne Rooney, Michael Owen, David Beckham… seem to be players with great quality and the sufficient experience like being in any EURO. It doesn’t seem to be the factor.

Coach: Fabio Capello is an italian guy customary to lead teams with great stars. He was, -more or less- successful in the Juventus, Roma and Real Madrid where always have great stars in each group but also with much ego in each person. Perhaps being a foreign man harmed in a national team that have had only one experience before (Sven Goran Eriksson).

The key matches: Russia and Croatia defeated England at home. And in the most important match, England fell in Wembley!!! suffering the forcefulness of the Croatian team.

Infrastructure: Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool which are in the semifinals of the UEFA Champions League. We know that England organized one of the most important leagues of the world. But the national team could’t appreciate it last year. It doesn’t seem to be the factor.

Good Luck: good luck always has a quota of importance in each sport. But it can’t be so outstanding in a classification with 12 dates and 36 points to win.


Fútbol de Primera said...

Coincido plenamente y hasta me parece en cierta forma casi inexplicable que los pross se hayan quedado fuera de la competencia. Es una verdadera lástima, porque estuvieran como estuvieran iban a terminar poniéndole más color al certámen. Pero bueno, será cuestión de que aprendan de sus errores... y de que se consigan un buen portero, por supuesto ;)

Saludos Tom!

diego said...

Because England lost wicth Croatia ajaj,ok, serius, i think that The last Manager didnt control the teamç
Sorry for the mistakes

Chechu said...

El equipo nacional suele recibir muchas críticas y eso influye la dinámica del equipo. Los porteros ingleses viven totalmente presionados, porque saben que los periodistas andan pendientes de ellos en todo momento. Además McLaren era incapaz de controlar a sus hombres. Con Capello conseguiréis clasificaros para los próximos torneos pero dudo que os acabe gustando su estilo.
Saludos Tom