Samir Nasri: another Zinedine Zidane

Still who doesn’t follow French football too much already knows this player who will be representing France in the Group C answering for expectations of those who miss Zidane . Samir Nasri is son of Algerians too and was born in Marseille 20 years ago. He is playing in Olympique of Marseille team but the club couldn’t be able to get pleasure from him a lot of time.

His dribbling and his ambition to attack the rival area make him a different player, like the ones that do not proliferate. Their movements keep in mind players like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo or Zinedine Zidane…

If he improves the definition, he will be the best of the world in a short time. If you think that it is an exaggeration just watch him.


No, gracia a vo´ said...

Nasri and Benzema: to youth players with a lot of future! We have to pay special attention to this two fabulous players!



Paola said...

Nice blog! Like the pictures. Who's your favorite to win the tournament?

Tom said...

Hi Paola! Welcome and thank you for your opinion.

I think that Germany has many chances but I haven´t got a favourite. I only prefer the team that plays better during the whole tournament and the one that think more about scoring than its defense.