Cristian Chivu: the Carpathians captain

Cristian Eugen Chivu was born in Resita, Romania on October 26th, 1980 and grew up in Fotbal Club Municipal Resita, club that it had between his squads Dudu Georgescu - European Golden Boot to winner in 1975 and 1977 - and Dorinel Munteanu among others.

Today the actuality is another one: the FCM Resita is in the second Rumanian division whereas the central defender grew playing in Universitatea Craiova, in Ajax and in Roma before his move to Inter Milan.

While the Italian team is closely to win the Scudetto, Romania arrived at Group C of the EURO, the group of death. France, Italy and Netherlands also want the quarterfinals. But Romania, with Chivu as captain, will look for the surprise and they know how: it surpassed the classification of the EURO without problems in front of own single Netherlands and losing before Bulgaria.

His defensive solidity, the subtility in his depth passes, his free kicks near the penalty area and the Adrian Mutu´s powerful, will be essential in the Romania structure that it will look for to be the surprise in EURO 2008.


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Anna Italia said...

Chivu is a great player and he has been a great contributor in Inter. Most likely, Inter will win the Scudetto. However, I prefer Roma or Juve to win it.