Malta – Portugal: it is not so easy match for the Lusitans road to South Africa 2010

At Ta' Qali, Malta and Portugal will be playing the first match-day for the WC2010 Qualifying.

Knowing Malta, it seems that Portugal will win very easy. But be careful: although Portugal always won there, they never enjoy an easy game. Is possible a surprise? Why not. On 1987 they drew but Portugal (that included uncapped Yannick Djaló) seems to be powerful these days.

Here we have Portugal – Malta history:

Porto 19/06/1993 POR 4:0 (3:0) MLT WC First stage
Ta' Qali 24/01/1993 MLT 0:1 (0:0) POR WC First stage
Porto 20/02/1991 POR 5:0 (3:0) MLT EURO Group matches
Ta' Qali 09/02/1991 MLT 0:1 (0:1) POR EURO Group matches
Ta' Qali 20/12/1987 MLT 0:1 (0:0) POR EURO Group matches
Funchal 29/03/1987 POR 2:2 (1:1) MLT EURO Group matches
Lisbon 12/10/1985 POR 3:2 (1:0) MLT WC First stage
Ta' Qali 10/02/1985 MLT 1:3 (0:2) POR WC First stage

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With the FIFA Presidency crisis and FA Grassroots proposal falling on deaf ears it's very imporant!