Germany vs Turkey: only one will be in the final

Many people says that Germany is in the final, that Turkey is only the surprise of this EURO, and they can’t beat Germany. But in the EURO 2008 you never can be sure. If you are in front of Turkey, be careful. They are ready to write more history!!!

Meanwhile, let’s see what the numbers says about Turkey and Germany. According to the stats, Germany won 11 matches, they drew 3 and Turkey won 3.

Please pay attention how many matches they played during Euro Qualifyings!!!

Here we have all the meetings:

08.10.2005 Istanbul (TUR) Turkey - Germany 2:1
EURO Q 09.10.1999 Munich Germany - Turkey 0:0
EURO Q 10.10.1998 Bursa (TUR) Turkey - Germany 1:0
30.05.1992 Gelsenkirchen Germany - Turkey 1:0
EURO Q 26.10.1983 Berlin Germany - Turkey 5:1
EURO Q 23.04.1983 Izmir (TUR) Turkey - Germany 0:3
EURO Q 22.12.1979 Gelsenkirchen Germany - Turkey 2:0
EURO Q 01.04.1979 Izmir (TUR) Turkey - Germany 0:0
20.12.1975 Istanbul (TUR) Turkey - Germany 0:5
EURO Q 25.04.1971 Istanbul (TUR) Turkey - Germany 0:3
EURO Q 17.10.1970 Köln Germany - Turkey 1:1
12.10.1966 Ankara (TUR) Turkey - Germany 0:2
28.09.1963 Frankfurt/M. Germany - Turkey 3:0
World Cup 23.06.1954 Zürich (SUI) Germany - Turkey 7:2
World Cup 17.06.1954 Berne (SUI) Germany - Turkey 4:1
21.11.1951 Istanbul (TUR) Turkey - Germany 0:2
17.06.1951 Berlin Germany - Turkey 1:2


Krista said...

It will be a great match. You can't put anyone a favorite I think. Turkey has proved their have heart and a figther spirit.

Germany of course has pure talent. We can never count them out.

Can't wait to see who survives the battle! :) :)

ito's news release said...

I vote for Turkey..;)

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Anonymous said...

Should be a great game.
Marc Loriau

lester said...

russia is wow


2010SoccerNews.com said...

There's certainly some fascinating stuff going on at Euro2008! The recent round of World Cup qualifiers have also produced some unanticipated results. Check out our round-up of the latest Euro2008 and WC qualifying action here.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

In the last 16 years germany have never beat turkey, says it all really

08.10.2005 Istanbul (TUR) Turkey - Germany 2:1

EURO Q 09.10.1999 Munich Germany - Turkey 0:0

EURO Q 10.10.1998 Bursa (TUR) Turkey - Germany 1:0