The best player of EURO 2008

Who is / was the best player of EURO 2008? I am not sure, really. I think that UEFA will choose Michael Ballack or David Villa or Iker Casillas depending on the champion. I don´t remember an excellent performance during an important final since Zinedine Zidane vs Brazil on 1998.

What do you think? Do you have candidates or you will wait until sunday match?


Schorsch said...

Shurely NOT Ballack. Even though everyone else thinks so, I ve not met one German thinking Ballack was a good player (well, maybe he was sometimes). It's all for the stupid Media! But he just REALLY SUCKED!

aaron said...

Schweinsteiger has been the engine behind Germany's run, and should get it if Germany wins. Other options besides the two from Spain are Arshavin from Russia and Recbar from Turkey.

John T a.k.a Lil' Jizzay said...

Iker Casillas should be the best player of Euro2008. Casillas has been very solid throughout the tournament. Villa had a good tournament too, but sadly he is out of the coming Sunday match. Schweinsteiger could potentially be the best player too, he has been impressive throughout the knock out stages.

I think it is either Casillas or Schweinsteiger depending on which side wins the title..