Franck Ribery: sacrifice and explosion

France has many talented players. Benzema, Nasri, Henry… Nevertheless, they would not be so important if they did not have a player alongside with the style of Franck Ribery.

Ribery was born in the peripheries of Boulogne-Sur-Mer and when he was two years old he suffered a terrible accident that left him scars by life. Today the life smiles to him and he is one of the best midfielders of the world. Or, winger, function that is in extinction in the entire planet.

Been born in US Boulogne (today in Ligue 2), the Bayern Munich player is living a great moment in Germany where he obtained the Triple Crown. Only it lacked the international consecration, frustrated by the Zenit of Pogrebnyak.

Franck is a very complete player. He combines clears, good crossing passes, excellent dribbling and arrival to the goal area. Today he is an important soldier in the French squad that will have to surpass the Group C, the most interesting of the EURO 2008 those shares with Italy, Rumania and Holland.

France has many talented players and also Ribery, which will have the responsibility to lead each possession of the team.


GuajinaPosh said...

he is one of the best football player in the world! Great Blog!

Fútbol de Primera said...

Frank Ribery es uno de los más grandes jugadores que existen en la actualidad. Yo creo que en el Bayern podría andar mucho mejor aún si se lo despegara un poco de su función de generador de juego y se corriera un poco más a las bandas.