Luis Aragones admitted: “Raul is one of the best Spanish players in the history"

This afternoon Luis Aragones was in TVE, the most important TV channel in Spain and he answered everything about the EURO 2008. Some of the phrases surprised: “Raul is one of the best Spanish players in the history, but now there is a group and it is difficult that he can come. However, I will take the decision and I will not do it by the pressure of Media”, assumed.

The Spanish coach justified the absence of Raul Gonzalez by the necessity of renovation in the squad after the match against Northern Ireland in Belfast. Also, he talked about the most powerful teams in Europe. About Italy and Germany he said “are better than we are and that’s all”, he said honestly.

Nevertheless he spoke about the evolution that Spain maintains from Germany 2002: “It is a better team, it has improved in defense. We have not obtained anything, but we are going to insist because other teams are worse and have obtained it, like Denmark and Greece".

An authentic Luis Aragones.

September 6th, 2006. Windsor Park, Belfast.
Northern Irland 3- Spain 2: last match of the Spanish National Team with Raul.

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elgaquiego said...

I saw a piece of the Tv programme with Aragones! Some questions were very stupid really. Although, Aragones did godo answers!