Luca Toni: friend of the goal

Luca Toni Varchetta Delle Cave is on fire. The effectiveness that he is showing these days transforms him into one of the best forwards of the moment. Always, he is where he has to be and takes advantage very well its height to score with the head within a Bayern Munich that is searching for three titles in this season.

Today Lukas Podolski and Miroslav Klose must alternate in the hardest team in Germany because Luca is immovable. The Bavarians invested 18 million Euros but he justifies the cost: he scores 27 goals in 32 matches. Really really amazing.

Although he is 30 years old, whenever he makes a goal his face is transformed into the one of the happiest boy of the world. He was capocannonieri in Calcio in 2005-2006 season and is in this way in the Bundesliga.

Tonigol scored 15 goals with the azzurra t-shirt and Netherlands, Romania and France will need to pay attention for him in the EURO. Italy is solid in defense but that does not shine in the opponent’s penalty area. The romance between Toni and the goal will be vital.


Soccerphile said...


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Fútbol de Primera said...

Qué jugador Toni, por Dios. Un goleador como pocos. En un principio dudé que le fuera a ir bien en el Bayern... Pero es evidente que este tío marcará goles en donde lo pongan.

Saludos Tom!

No, gracia a vo´ said...

Great skill! As you say, Luca Toni nowadays is one of the best forward in the world! He makes goals every match!



Monica 08 said...

Toni I think is the only untouchable in the Italy starting line-up. Hopefully Donadoni doesn't put him as the lone striker and make it easier for the opposing defenders to mark him.