Germany: Löw calls upon Jansen and Podolski, Friedrich injured

Marcell Jansen

Joachim Löw has nominated 21 players for the upcoming games against Liechtenstein in Leipzig on March 28 (8 P.M, live on ZDF) and in Cardiff on April 1 against Wales (8.45 P.M., live on ARD), both qualifying games for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The German coach has refilled some open slots with Arne Friedrich, Marcell Jansen and Lukas Podolski – all three players sat out the year’s opening game against Norway due to injury. On Sunday Friedrich cancelled his participation due to an injury, suffered in Berlins 0-2 defeat at Stuttgart on Saturday.

Hannover's Robert Enke, recently sidelined due to a fractured left hand, returns as one of three goalkeepers on the roster. "I felt that he has had a rather successful convalescence, he’s found his old form quickly", said Löw about Enke. Löw also commented on Lukas Podolski’s reappearance in the ranks: "The fact that he battled back into Bayern's starting line-up did not have an effect on our nomination. We’d have called upon him either way, as we rate him highly. Lukas is an excellent forward."

Marcell Jansen from Hamburger SV is yet another returnee following a prolonged injury phase. "As Piotr Trochowski reports injured, we needed a midfield alternative. We will check back with the HSV to get another read on his ability to perform. But disregarding Trochowski's injury status, Marcell Jansen has performed well in the Bundesliga following the winter break. He is certainly a valid option."

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