Scotland and Wales think about Euro 2016 bid

Scotland and Wales have held "tentative talks" about the possibility of hosting the European football championship in 2016, according to the Scottish FA.

Reuters reports that officials from Northern Ireland are also expected to be included in further discussions at the end of February, as the three British associations explore the possibility of hosting the tournament in eight years time.

"To suggest that we are planning to launch a bid is wide of the mark, but we have had tentative talks with the Welsh and further talks are planned with Northern Ireland when the International Board meets in Belfast at the end of February," a Scottish FA spokesman told the news service.

"We all know none of us can stage a 24-team tournament as it will be in 2016 but we are exploring the possibility of co-hosting."

Three of the last four European championships have been co-hosted with Belgium and Netherlands staging Euro 2000, Austria and Switzerland hosting this year's championship and Ukraine and Poland due to co-host the event in 2012.

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