France vs. Netherlands... What happen if?

After Italy - Romania draw:

* If Netherlands defeat France, The Oranje clinch the group C at EURO 2008 and could play against Romania without the main players. That situation would beneficiate the next opponent, Romania (who have won two points and would be in the second position).

* Italy prefer a French win. Then, if they defeated France in the last match, they reach four points. The same as France.

* A draw would beneficiate Italy too. Why? Because if they beat France and Romania didn´t beat Netherlands they will qualify.

We had said that they could reach quarterfinals with only five points. Maybe the teams only need four points to be part of the best eight European teams. They have some chances...

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mohit said...

The Dutch was really good, they sticked to their pre defined strategy, attack as much as you can. They showed their skills, both during the match between World Champions Italy, and same against one more Group C stalwarts France. I will simply say, Dutch seems to be invincible now.

Mohit Kumar