The match of the week: Iceland - Netherlands

On Saturday, the Netherlands can secure a spot at next year’s World Cup in South Africa if they beat Iceland in Reykjavík. Holland’s eighth away win would also break the record for most consecutive away wins in European World Cup qualification.

Holland’s last WC qualification away match in which they did not win was on 9 October 2004 against FYR Macedonia (2-2).

The Netherlands have conceded only one goal in their last seven WC qualification away matches.

Longest away winning streaks – World Cup qualification UEFA

# Nation Start date Match that ended streak

7 Netherlands 17 Nov 2004 Still running

7 West Germany 28 Mar 1954 Scotland - West Germany (16 Apr 1969) 1-1

7 West Germany 03 Dec 1980 Sweden - West Germany (25 Sep 1985) 2-2

7 Sweden 28 Mar 2001 Croatia - Sweden (08 Oct 2005) 1-0

6 Romania 08 Sep 1993 Republic of Ireland - Romania (11 Oct 1997) 1-1

5 England 15 Oct 1949 Republic of Ireland - England (19 May 1957) 1-1

5 Poland 16 Oct 1976 Belgium - Poland (01 May 1985) 2-0

5 Turkey 11 Oct 2000 Greece - Turkey (08 Sep 2004) 0-0

World Cup qualification away match winning streak Netherlands

Nr. Date Match Result

7 15 Oct 2008 Norway - Netherlands 0-1

6 10 Sep 2008 FYR Macedonia - Netherlands 1-2

5 08 Oct 2005 Czech Republic - Netherlands 0-2

4 03 Sep 2005 Armenia - Netherlands 0-1

3 08 Jun 2005 Finland - Netherlands 0-4

2 26 Mar 2005 Romania - Netherlands 0-2

1 17 Nov 2004 Andorra - Netherlands 0-3


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